Remo Stars, a football club in Nigeria’s Professional Football League, has been penalized by the Interim Management Committee (IMC) for the assault on match referee Ndubuisi Ukah and subsequent disruption of a MatchDay 12 fixture against Gombe United. The IMC, led by Davidson Owumi, Head of Operations, imposed several sanctions on Remo Stars after reviewing the findings of the official match report.

The club was found to be in breach of multiple rules, including failure to adequately secure match officials before, during, and after the match, which resulted in the assault on the referee. For this breach, Remo Stars was fined ₦500,000 and directed to pay ₦250,000 as compensation to the assaulted official, Ndubuisi Ukah. Additionally, three points and three goals were deducted from the club’s total points and goals accrued for the season for the assault on the match official. The attacker, Mr. Ekene Adams, who was identified as the club’s General Manager, has also been banned from all NPFL activities for the rest of the season, and Remo Stars has been instructed to ensure diligent prosecution of Mr. Adams in the law court.

Remo Stars was also found in breach of rules for disturbances and disruptions that led to the discontinuation of the league match, resulting in a fine of ₦500,000. Another breach was failure to ensure the restriction of access by unauthorized persons to restricted areas, resulting in the assault of a match official, as per Rule B13.52, for which the club was penalized.

Remo Stars has been reminded that they are required to submit in writing within 48 hours of the notice, in accordance with Rule C.26, to either accept the ruling of the IMC or elect to appear before a Disciplinary Panel. The fines imposed by the IMC are to be paid within seven working days.