The Super Eagles of Nigeria have slipped down the FIFA world rankings, falling to the 40th position in the latest April ranking. This marks a significant drop from their previous position of 31st in December. Despite being the 6th best team in Africa, Nigeria now trails behind Morocco, Senegal, Tunisia, Algeria, and Egypt in the continental rankings.

Argentina has regained the top spot in the world rankings after six years, thanks to recent friendly wins against Panama and Curaçao. France has also moved up to the second position, surpassing Brazil, who suffered a defeat against Morocco. The top 10 teams also include Belgium, England, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy, Portugal, and Spain.

The rankings from 11th to 20th feature Morocco, Switzerland, USA, Germany, Mexico, Uruguay, Colombia, Senegal, Denmark, and Japan. It is clear that the global football landscape is constantly evolving, with teams rising and falling in the rankings based on their recent performances. The Super Eagles will need to work hard to regain their former position and climb up the FIFA world rankings once again.