Real Madrid’s recent 2-3 loss to Villarreal CF at Santiago Bernabeu Stadium was overshadowed by a physical altercation between Real Madrid player Fede Valverde and Villarreal player Alex Baena in the parking lot, as confirmed by Spanish news outlet El Chiringuito and MARCA. Valverde, 24, allegedly punched Baena, 21, in the face, with Valverde’s entourage claiming “a very serious motive” for the assault.

According to Valverde’s entourage, the incident stemmed from comments made by Baena during a previous Copa del Rey match between the two teams. Baena reportedly insulted Valverde’s family, including his wife, Mina Bonino, who had a difficult pregnancy earlier this year. Valverde’s entourage revealed that during the Copa del Rey match, Baena made a gesture that emulated Valverde crying, which infuriated him.

“Fede never has problems with anyone and this has been for something very serious that comes from before,” claimed Valverde’s entourage in a statement to MARCA.

Valverde’s entourage acknowledged the aggression, but explained that it was sparked by Baena’s repeated insults about Valverde’s family. “So he waited for him in the parking lot and told him that he was ‘not messing with his family’,” stated Valverde’s entourage.

Baena is reportedly considering going to the police to report the aggression he suffered, and Villarreal holds all the evidence. The altercation has raised concerns and could potentially result in legal repercussions for both players involved.

The incident is seen as unjustifiable, but it highlights the emotional intensity and tensions that can arise in football matches, with personal insults crossing the line of sportsmanship. The consequences of the altercation are yet to be fully realized, but it has cast a shadow over the aftermath of the match between Real Madrid and Villarreal.