Super Falcons of Nigeria defender Ashleigh Plumptre recently sat down for an interview with NFF TV, where she shared her thoughts on the team’s performance and upcoming challenges. Plumptre, who has been a key player in the team’s defense, expressed her excitement about the team’s recent victories and the growing momentum they have been building.

When asked about her feelings on the team’s second consecutive victory, Plumptre responded, “Good. I think we’re picking up momentum now with the results and the performances. Obviously, the main thing is to get a win but for us to do that we need to put up a good performance and come up together as a team. You can see that in us today.” Plumptre emphasized the importance of teamwork and solid performances to achieve victories.

Plumptre was then asked about her absence in the previous game, and she reassured fans that she was doing well. “I’m good now, the defense did well the other day. I just got a knock that I’m trying to take care of. Still being assessed by the Doctor and the Physios. I’m hoping to be in a good place come the end of the week. We will see how the progression goes.” Plumptre’s positive outlook and determination to recover quickly showcase her commitment to the team.

As the conversation turned towards the upcoming World Cup in Australia, Plumptre expressed confidence in the team’s preparations. “Australia will come up so soon. I think now we’re in a really good position, preparing as we are here in Turkey and everybody has their eyes set on the summer but now we’re just trying to put a little details into practice so that come this summer, the team will be ready to perform.” Plumptre highlighted the team’s focus on fine-tuning their preparations and being fully prepared for the tournament.

When asked about the team’s chances in their group, Plumptre acknowledged the tough competition they would be facing. “We know we’re obviously against really good competition and we definitely can’t look past that. In the group, people look at us like an underdog which I actually really like. The pressure is on the likes of Canada and Australia. I know we have some amazing talent in this team, we are definitely going to put in some fight and good performances and I think we can cause an upset.” Plumptre’s positive attitude and belief in the team’s capabilities reflect their determination to perform well and make their mark in the tournament.

As the Super Falcons gear up for the World Cup in Australia, Plumptre’s insights and perspectives shed light on the team’s mindset and preparations. With her return to the defense and the team’s collective efforts, fans are eagerly anticipating an exciting and competitive tournament. Plumptre’s confidence in the team’s talent and ability to overcome challenges will undoubtedly inspire her teammates as they strive for success on the international stage.