The divorce of Hiba Abouk, a renowned actress, and Achraf Hakimi, the full-back for Paris Saint-Germain, has been making headlines due to allegations of sexual abuse. A 24-year-old woman filed a complaint against Hakimi, claiming that he had sexually abused her while Abouk was away with their children.

Abouk initially sought to claim half of Hakimi’s assets and fortune in the divorce, but she was surprised to discover that Hakimi had nothing in his name. It was revealed that his mother had been receiving his wages in her bank account for several years, making her the beneficiary of his salary and wealth, as reported by French magazine First Mag.

While the news has caused a stir in Spain, France, and Morocco, it has also come to light that Abouk is not in a financial situation where she needs a portion of Hakimi’s fortune to support herself, as she has her own wealth. Abouk addressed the situation in a statement released via her official Instagram account on March 27th, as reported by the Spanish newspaper El Pais.

Abouk defended her initial silence on the matter, stating, “After having taken the decision to legally separate and to stop living together whilst awaiting the divorce procedure, which you can imagine, on top of the pain brought about by the separation, as well as having to accept the sadness that a failed project, which I gave my body and soul, brings, I was supposed to face up to this disgraceful act? I needed time to come to terms with this shock.”

She also expressed her trust in the legal process, saying, “One must trust the legal process, especially considering the gravity of the accusation. Nonetheless, in my life, I always have been, and always will be, on the side of victims.”

The situation surrounding Hiba Abouk’s divorce from Achraf Hakimi involves multiple elements, including the allegations of sexual abuse, the dispute over fortune, and Abouk’s response, which reflects her stance as a supporter of victims while navigating a challenging personal situation.