Juventus has experienced a significant turn of fortune after their mid-season point deduction was overturned by the Italian Football Federation on Thursday. Back in January, the club was penalized with a 15-point deduction due to violating capital gains rules regarding about 62 player transfers. However, following a series of hearings, the decision has been reversed, and the points have been re-awarded to the club.

This turn of events has catapulted Juventus from seventh to third place in the Serie A table, with just two points behind second-place Lazio. It is a significant boost for the Turin club, who had struggled to keep up with the leading pack in recent months.

However, it is not all good news for Juventus. The appeals to reverse the bans of Fabio Paratici, Andrea Agnelli, Federico Cherubini, and Maurizio Arrivabene were unsuccessful. On the other hand, appeals by Pavel Nedved, Paolo Garimberti, Assia Grazioli-Venier, Caitlin Mary Hughes, Daniela Marilungo, Francesco Roncaglio, and others were accepted.

Furthermore, there is still a possibility of another point deduction for Juventus as another sentencing is scheduled to begin in about a month. It remains to be seen what impact this will have on the club’s progress in Serie A.

Overall, Juventus’ point deduction reversal is a much-needed boost for the club, giving them renewed hope of qualifying for the Champions League next season. However, there are still significant challenges ahead for the team, and their progress will be closely monitored by fans and pundits alike.