Gift Orban, a promising young striker for KAA Gent, recently spoke about his experiences in football and the challenges he faces as a player. Despite his youth, Orban has already made a strong impression on his team, with a string of successful games under his belt.

However, he recently found himself benched for a match, which he attributed to the coach’s decision rather than his own performance. In the interview, the manager, Hein Vanhaezerbrouck, as quoted by HNL Sports said, “I have yet to meet the first player who is eager to start on the bench. Gift is still young. I get it. He started very strong with us, everything went in.

“Again against Westerlo, finishing that way, that’s his quality. But he still has to take steps. That will work out – I’m not worried about that.”

Orban’s desire to be a starting player is evident in his comments, and he believes that he has a lot to offer the team. He spoke about the importance of taking steps to improve his game, saying, “I feel top fit. And it’s not because I didn’t score in the past matches that I didn’t help the team, huh. I didn’t do anything wrong, honestly? I don’t think I deserve to sit on the couch. I am a player who needs to grow in a match, from the start. Then I’m at my best.”

Orban has experienced a rough patch in recent games, going five matches without scoring a goal. He said, “Five games in a row without a goal, that was hard for me. It felt like a failure. I want to score every match – you see?” However, he remains committed to scoring in every game and helping the team succeed.

Orban also spoke about the disappointment of not making it to the Champions’ Playoffs, saying, “Yes, the fact that we missed the Champions’ Playoffs also hit hard. Fortunately, the coach and the chairman made sure we turned the knob. The chairman addressed us for the match to motivate us extra.”

Overall, Orban’s interview highlights the challenges that young footballers face in proving themselves and earning a spot on the starting lineup. It also underscores the importance of resilience and perseverance in the face of setbacks, as well as the value of support and encouragement from coaches and teammates.