Super Eagles striker Taiwo Awoniyi has built a modern-day dressing room for Sheikh Abdulkadir College in Ilorin, Kwara State, where he was discovered before representing Nigeria at the 2013 FIFA U-17 World Cup and winning the tournament. In addition to constructing the dressing room, Awoniyi has also renovated the school’s pavilion as part of his effort to give back to the society that made him.

Coach Mustapha Olokode, chairman of the organizing committee of the “Never Stop Dreaming Cup 2023,” which is a grassroots football championship sponsored by Awoniyi, has expressed that this gesture is just one of many to come for the college. Olokode also confirmed that Awoniyi intends to install artificial grass on the field, which is part of his concept for the college’s next stage.

Joshua Yisa, the representative from the Ministry of Education and Human Capital Development, Kwara State, who is also the State Coordinator for School Sports, has commended Awoniyi for his gesture and the idea of the tournament. Yisa has also praised the striker from Nottingham Forest for building contemporary locker rooms, restrooms, and an office at the institution where the competition is being conducted. According to Yisa, “This is a welcome development. Awoniyi has put a smile on the faces of many youths by sponsoring this competition.”

The “Never Stop Dreaming Cup 2023” kicked off in Ilorin with a 26-team format competition that is expected to bring together no fewer than 500 players from across Kwara State. Awoniyi’s Football Academy, Unicorn FA, defeated Sunshine 2-0 in the opening game of the championship.

In conclusion, Taiwo Awoniyi’s contributions to his alma mater and the grassroots football championship he sponsored are laudable. They serve as a reminder that successful individuals can give back to their communities and inspire the next generation of athletes.