Former Manchester City midfielder, Yaya Toure has debunked claims by his former agent Dimitiri Suleiman that he placed an African curse on former manager Pep Guardiola.

Dimitri Seluk, the Russian agent who represents former Manchester City player Yaya Toure, had previously claimed in 2018 that African Shamans had placed a hex on manager Pep Guardiola, preventing him from ever winning another Champions League trophy.

However, Seluk has since retracted his statement and apologized for his comments, saying that the curse has been lifted and that he hopes Manchester City will win not only the Champions League but also the treble.

Speaking to The Mirror, Seluk said, “I want to apologise for this matter. I think it is time for this bitterness to stop – and I know that Yaya feels the same because he wishes nothing but success for City. I can say that the spell has now been lifted by the shamans – and that I think City will win the Champions League under Pep.

While Seluk has retracted his statement, Yaya Toure has taken to social media to deny any association with his former agent’s comments. Toure expressed his displeasure with the media amplifying harmful stereotypes about African curses, saying that such actions are detrimental to society. He made it clear that Seluk does not represent him in any way and that he wishes nothing but success for Manchester City.

Toure said on his official Twitter page that “My former agent is being quoted by the media about a ‘curse’.

“Please don’t associate me with this nonsense and lazy stereotypes about African curses!?”

“Media… move on please. This man does not represent me in any way. Amplifying these stereotypes is harmful.”

Despite the controversy surrounding the alleged curse, Manchester City has continued to perform well under Guardiola’s leadership, coming agonizingly close to winning the Champions League in the 2020/21 season before losing to Chelsea in the final. This season, they are on track to win the treble and become the first English club to do so since Manchester United in 1999/00.

In conclusion, while Seluk’s earlier comments caused a stir, it is important to note that Yaya Toure has distanced himself from his former agent’s statements and has called for an end to harmful stereotypes. Manchester City’s pursuit of the treble continues, and Guardiola will be hoping to lead his team to victory in the Champions League and other competitions.