AC Milan youth team player Victor Eletu’s chances of representing Nigeria at the U20 World Cup are in jeopardy.

Eletu was selected for Nigeria’s final 21-man squad for the tournament, but he is yet to join the team’s camp with only ten days to go before their opening match against the Dominican Republic in Argentina.

The head coach, Ladan Bosso, expressed his disappointment and revealed that Eletu missed his flight after their last league game and was expected to arrive in camp last week. Bosso stated that he had set a Saturday deadline for Eletu to arrive, and if he fails to meet it, he would be replaced.

“I included him in the team because it was said that he will be with us three weeks to the tournament, but since that decision, his arrival has been a bit of a game to me, and I am tired of it already. My team isn’t built around one player, and if I don’t see him, I advise he doesn’t bother to come,” Bosso said in frustration per owngoalnigeria.

A source close to Eletu’s representative expressed unhappiness with the player’s agent, who promised that the player would join the team’s camp three weeks before the start of the tournament but failed to keep his word.

“I am not happy with the agent. Everything looks like they knew what they were doing from the get-go about his release. It was from he will be in camp after the game last Friday to he missed his flight and now till after another game. That’s not being honest, and I agree with the decision of the coach if he decides to replace him,” the source said.