The basketball space in Nigeria has been agog in the last 2 months, with developmental programmes taking place from one zone to the other, as carefully crafted by the NBBF Board, led by Engr. Ahmadu Musa kida, who has once again continued to put his personal resources where his mouth is, for the good of the game of basketball.

Engr. Musa kida, is gradually and positively, impacting the basketball space, as he continues to churn out one programme after the other, while making sure that all stakeholder are carried along.

No wonder various programmes of the federation are been moved around the country for inclusivity and visibility, and ensuring that the game is brought to the door steps of critical stakeholders of the game.

 Despite the huge efforts, personal sacrifices and commitment of the NBBF President and some serious minded board members, the traditional enemies of every past board of the federation are at work again. 

These are people that can’t sleep, if there is peace in the NBBF. They feed big on crisis created by them at the expense of the game. These are the Nigeria Basketball Federation pull him down syndrome (PHD) clique, spearheaded by a notorious ingrate, who has started raring his head to brew crisis for his survival on this board again. 

Since after the Tokyo Olympics, he has held meetings and discussions with all the Nigerian basketball players and stakeholders in the diaspora, to mature plans on how to scuttle all the activities of NBBF domestically, as the NBBF, has refused to bow to his controlling demands and interferences. 

Therefore, it is no longer news, the ugly happenings in the federation recently, since his arrival from his preferred country of residence overseas. As our reporters have followed closely, the clumsy schemes of the longest serving board member in Nigerian basketball, who also represents the international body on the board of the federation, and whose trade mark is to fight all presidents in their 2nd tenure for his selfish and personal aggrandisement.

Our sources, have it on good authority that this fellow fought UK Umar, Buba Gyang, Tijani Umar and is now hands in gloves trying to bring down Engr. Musa Kida, all  past and present presidents of the NBBF. 

 Words on the street is that he is using the war chest of Milo Basketball School programme to travel round the zones to organise meetings and sow seeds of discord against  the incumbent president of the NBBF, Engr Musa kida, who has been his close friend and ally for over 40 years. A man who will betray solid friendship of over 40 years can never and should never be trusted! 

It is also no longer news, of the meetings he has held in kano and in Abuja, over how to frame up Engr. Musa kida, for no just reason, same way, that he tried to push the D’Tigress, to frame up the federation again recently, and even the D’Tigers, who collectively saw through his games and deceits, as it failed woefully. Since there are  consistent proofs, that Engr Musa kida was and is innocent of all accusations, as always.

Our reporters have it on good authority, too, that the same ungrateful board member has been on his nefarious plans for a long time especially, since he lost out from controlling the resources of the president’s personal funds, and also Engr. Musa Kida’s stand on sanitising the federation and allowing younger stakeholders have a say on the future trajectory of the federation.   

The last has not been heard of the battle for the soul of the NBBF, as this board member who also doubles as the president of FIBA Zone 3 for the last 8 years, and has not been able to articulate any tournament or meaningful developmental programmes in the Zone in the last 5 years. 

He is so power drunk and will be attempting to contest again for the 3rd term as the president of FIBA zone 3, against the wishes of most country presidents in zone 3, our sources gathered. 

 It is also worthy of note, that competitions and activities in Zone 3 grounded to a halt, when Engr Musa Kida decided to concentrate on his mandate as President of the NBBF, thereby, leaving a big and irreplaceable hole in sponsorship of competitions and other activities in the zone. 

This, obviously, is one of the reasons for the outburst of anger against Engr Musa kida, as his resources are no more available to be used at the whimps and caprices of the Zone 3 president.

It is our desire and resolve to continue to follow these schemes religiously and expose them, as they are a cry of disgruntled elements who mean no good for the game of basketball in Nigeria.

We will continue to update the stakeholders of basketball and the nation on all those who are hell bent on killing our basketball.