Manchester United manager, Erik ten Hag, has issued a word of caution to potential new owners of the Premier League club, stressing that mere financial resources are insufficient to ensure success.

According to Ten Hag, while money holds significance, it is the manner in which it is allocated that truly matters.

British billionaire Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Qatari businessman Sheikh Jassim are eagerly awaiting confirmation on the outcome of their bids to acquire the club. Both individuals have expressed their willingness to invest in new players should they assume control at Old Trafford.

“There is a centralisation of good players, of the best managers, also of the money, and it is all here in the UK. That makes a great competition, but also a tough and hard competition,” remarked Ten Hag.

The Manchester United manager further emphasized that financial strength must be accompanied by the right approach and strategy. Merely having money is insufficient without a well-thought-out plan.

“You can have money, but you have to do the right things and spend it in a smart way. And also, you need a strategy behind it, because otherwise, the money doesn’t work,” cautioned Ten Hag.

In an upcoming match, Manchester United is set to face Chelsea on Thursday. Despite owner Todd Boehly’s investment of approximately £600 million in acquiring 16 new players since taking over at Stamford Bridge last summer, the Blues are likely to finish in the bottom half of the table