One of the most disheartening tales in professional football belongs to Dele Alli, whose career has taken a drastic nosedive in recent years, according to Everton and Nigerian national team midfielder, Alex Iwobi.

Once considered a standout player in the Premier League, Alli’s decline has been a disappointing storyline for the football world. Ever since his emergence under former Tottenham Hotspur manager Mauricio Pochettino in January 2016, the young midfielder exhibited immense promise, destined for greater things.

Pochettino’s departure from White Hart Lane in 2019, amidst a 14th place standing in the Premier League and a Champions League final loss to Liverpool, is believed to have played a role in Alli’s downfall. Furthermore, Alli faced challenges during his tenure under Jose Mourinho, with whom he had a strained relationship. Although he briefly showcased glimpses of his former self following Mourinho’s departure, he was eventually loaned out to Everton under Nuno Espirito.

Optimism surrounded Alli’s move to Goodison Park, with hopes that Frank Lampard’s guidance could reignite his scorching form. However, the anticipated revival failed to materialize.

During a recent appearance on the Filthy Fellas podcast, Iwobi, who is determined to assist Everton in avoiding relegation this season, shed light on the reasons behind his former teammate’s struggles.

“He’s a joke when it comes to training,” Iwobi revealed candidly. “He tries, but he lacks pace. He doesn’t excel in training sessions, only during matches where you see the real Dele. It became challenging for him to secure playing time, especially when the manager required reliable players whom he could trust. We all know Dele had the potential to deliver.”

As a result of his difficulties at Goodison Park, Everton decided to loan the 27-year-old midfielder to Besiktas. However, rumors circulated that Alli’s relationship with senior officials at the Turkish club had soured, with speculation of his involvement in excessive partying during his time there.